Thursday, 27 January 2011

4th year synopsis

So we're cooking up ideas for 4th year at the moment, and had our pitches on Wednesday. They went pretty well, I'm excited to see how some of the projects progress. Exciting times! Here's the first draft of the synopsis for Mark and I's idea, we'd really really like to hear your feedback... positive or negative. Time travel isn't exactly the simplest of ideas, so it's important the audience understands what's happening. Don't be afraid to give us your thoughts, it'd be much appreciated.

This is the "long" version I guess, we'll fire out a more blurb-esque one in time. 

Also, here's to the first animation related blog post in 3 months... HUZZAH!

"A young inventor sits aggravated and dumbfounded at his faltering time machine. His continuing attempts at success seem futile. He places his watch onto the platform, throws the switch , resulting in a fantastic explosion of light that fills the room...

However, as the dust settles, he finds that the watch remains on the platform seemingly untouched. Indignant, he furiously and repeatedly cranks the massive lever activating the machine over and over before collapsing - defeated - in his chair with a mug of tea.

In a last ditch attempt, he grabs the watch, pulls the lever, and slips through the doors into the chamber. He watches in amazement as the world around him rips apart into infinite expanse, before reforming before his eyes.

He slams back into reality, stumbling off the platform onto his knees. Staring at the ground confounded, he finds himself surrounded by watches… all of them identical to his own.

Perplexed, he stands up to find himself in the same room, although not all is what it seems: the d├ęcor diminished, neglected and dusty… As if hundreds of years have passed.

The time machine emits a lonely spark as it lies destroyed behind him; he’s trapped in the future.

After climbing the rotting stairs, the inventor steps out of the doorframe and into the outside world, only to be confronted by a vast, barren landscape; the remnants of his former city, now a desert wasteland.

He wanders aimlessly through the city streets looking for any signs of life. Suddenly, a loud clang echoes from the distance. He spots the figure of a man through the dust rummaging in a pile of scrap.

Shouting, he walks towards the figure. The man flees, tearing through the city streets and down alleyways. A chase ensues, culminating in the exasperated inventor tackling the man; wrestling him to the ground.

He turns him over onto his back and recoils in horror as he sees himself staring back. Standing up, he’s surrounded by duplicates of himself seemingly non-phased at his presence. One of them pats a chair - inviting the inventor to take a seat.

In the background, several other clones are building what seems to be another time machine.

Present Day: The inventor sits down once again at his desk frustrated, with a cup of tea. He’ll try again tomorrow." 


  1. I love the idea man, will be intersting to see how it translates into the style you were talking about. I know you guys explained this to me but maybe for the benefit of other people it would be good (primarily in the first paragraph) to certify that the platform is actually is the time machine...I had to read it again to click as I first thought they were two seperate things and got lost. It will also give a clearer clarification with regards to the purpose of the watch. Excellent first draft though! :)

  2. Thanks a lot Mike, and a very good point about the platform. Cheers!