Thursday, 21 February 2013

Oops... I arted. (Also, tutorial update)

I've been working on some fresh concepts for our old 3rd year project, which Paxton and I are going to remake. We're pretty keen to realise the idea, particularly after everything we learned in 4th year. Here's the first of a few concept pieces I've been doing, just to get the general feel. Although, it might not make a lot of sense to those unfamiliar with the project.

We're working on getting some other pre production goodies together too including animatics and designs so stay tuned for that.

Also, after receiving a bunch of messages from DJCAD students about compositing I've decided I'm going to make some short and simple tutorial videos covering the basics of pimping stuff in After Effects. I started doing this, but my planned 10 minute tutorial turned into about an hour... so it's going to need some more structure. If any 3rd & 4th year students have any pressing questions, please just get in touch. I'll be covering passes/layers, importing, basic comping, cheap tricks, colour correction and exporting. Maybe some in-depth geekery... 


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  1. Great piece of concept art there and it's good to see you revisiting such a strong concept. Tutorials sound like a great idea too - one piece of advice I will give concerning those is to aim to split a topic into parts. Makes it easier to record/edit and upload. Also try keeping your screen recordings to a max of 20 minutes as after that you are looking at around 5 or 6 gig a file which eats up space QUICKLY! haha.