Monday, 20 January 2014

Going Live Begins!

We've been given our going live brief from Axis Animation in Glasgow, and it's an exciting project to create a short 30s animation to accompany The Hobbit. 

I was keen to direct the project as I'm a massive fan of the source material, have experience leading an animated production, and had the bare bones of an idea. Mercifully, my classmates were up for it! 

The idea revolves around explaining the mysterious origins of the dragons, which is rather unexplored in Tolkien's works. After some extensive research we settled on an idea that they originated as Eagles, and were captured and corrupted by Morgoth, one of the great gods of Middle Earth.

I'm a massive fan of the iconic map style Tolkien carries throughout his work, and had a rough vision for how that could translate into an animation. I think a combination of origami/papercraft alongside the illustrative ink effects would work extremely well in 3D. Also the paper effects would gel very nicely with burning and fire effects. 

I'm very hopeful for the project, and everybody seems enthusiastic to get started!

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