Saturday, 6 March 2010

Kirk Animatic

Team Tinfoil completed our animatic last week for the 40s character animation and I've been compositing, pimping and adding sound over the weekend. It's not the finished thing quite yet, we've still got to review it but I'm pretty sure it'll main relatively unchanged except maybe for some timing issues.

The sound design needs some more work for the final animation, but this fits fine for animatic purposes. We're not sure what to do about a voice or anything yet...

The animation is about a 10 year old kid called Kirk. Kirk is a boy-genius, fascinated by everything space related. However, he has to live his otherwise normal childhood with the constant fear of being abducted by aliens wherever he goes. He wears a tinfoil hat to protect himself from their mind reading technologies, and finds himself conflicted when a genuine piece of space equipment crashes into his infinite white expanse. 

Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments! :D

(I'll be adding more material of character designs etc later)

I've just realised the quality in the upload isn't fantastic, you can't really see a lot of the details... You can barely see the rocket at the start, or the smoke from the explosion :( you can still get a pretty good idea though. It looks a lot better if you view it fullscreen.

Kirk Animatic from Kieran Duncan on Vimeo.

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