Saturday, 20 March 2010

"Kirk" update.

Team Tinfoil have been pretty busy working on "Kirk" this week but we've got a lot done. We've got the finished background, UFO model, and most of the keyframes all done. We're pretty much on schedule to have it all finished in time, and we're excited at how it's all coming together. Expect a video of the keyframe animation soon.

Here's the background I drew up in photoshop, alongside Kirk just for a size reference. (Click thumbnail for full size)

Here's the finished model sheet which I meant to upload before, Suzanne done an awesome job of coming up with the final character design. (Click thumbnail)

And finally here's the UFO model. Suzanne modelled it and I textured it, we're super duper happy with how it turned out considering we've had next to no Maya experience and never even touched texturing before. The model is a bit squint and the texture is by no means perfect but we thought that really added to the effect, it adds character! The thing has just crashed from outer space... (Click thumbnail)

1 comment:

  1. I strayed upon your blog and I had to write a comment on kirk, I do rather love it.
    He looks kindof like...not sure if you know it, but the cartoon ed, edd & eddy. He reminds me of the smart one with the hat. In a very awesome way.
    Slightly ashamed at myself for knowing this, I watch too much cartoons.

    Awesome work though. :)