Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kirk Teaser II: Now with 3D and even more gore!

So I finished inbetweening the keyframes for the opening 10 seconds, I really wanted to have a go at colouring so I scanned in all the frames and very very quickly coloured them. Unfortunately I scanned them in at 72dpi to save time, not realising just how low-res that is but at least I got an idea of the process. For some reason Vimeo makes all my videos look really high-contrast and the colours look horrible, but I'm not sure if it's just me.

Andrew and I finished the animation on our UFO the other day and got it rendered so I included a snippet of that in the video. I'm really really happy with how the UFO looks, I've basically doubled my Maya knowledge within the past 2 days just animating and rendering it.

I should have a finished linetest of the full 40(ish) seconds soon. Although,  whether it all gets scanned, coloured and composited in time has yet to be seen.

Kirk Teaser II from Kieran Duncan on Vimeo.

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