Wednesday, 1 December 2010

There's no business like snow business.

Alas, it's been quite some time since I've made a "real" blog post that involves more than my anguish in Starbucks at sketch groups. 

Last week myself and fellow animators Finlay & Freya went on a good old adventure to see the latest instalment in the Harry Potter saga! I really enjoyed the film, probably my favourite so far... but I think I speak for all my animigoes when I say we were all pleasantly surprised, and blown away, by the very unexpected animated segment in the middle. It was stunning! Directed by Ben Hibbon and created by Framestore, you can ready a really interesting article/interview on it here. It goes relatively in depth on their goals and methods for the piece. Or if that doesn't interest you, here's some eye candy. 

Go and see the film, even if it's just for this part. 

In other news, Snow! Unfortunately the university has been closed pretty much all week... so our production is suffering slightly. It's mildly concerning considering we're 2 weeks away from hand-in but there's not much we can do really. On the plus side we've been having lots of fun in the snow :D I've been learning some snow boarding which is painful but epic. 

Here's some pretty pictures:
Really should view this one full size ;)

Also a shout out to Dundee Uni for featuring me on their Facebook page, thanks a lot! I've not thought of an inspiring quote du jour yet...


  1. That photo of you and Finlay made me go, "D'aaaaaaaaaaaaawww". It's awesomely lovely, but simultaneously a wee bit camp, like a poster for a nineties, American sit-com. Made me happy anyway.