Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vertigo Schmertigo.

So I'm abseiling down the Tower Building in Dundee Uni on the 22nd of January to raise money for DARE UK.

It's a charity focused around keeping young people informed, to help them make safe, sensible life choices. They deal mainly with drugs awareness, but also focus a lot on bullying and anti-social behaviour which are subjects very close to my heart. You can read more about the charity on the hyperlink above.

The minimum target is £100, which I'm hoping to smash. If you could contribute anything then it'd be absolutely fantastic, regardless of how small and seemingly insignificant it may be. I know we're all poor students but every little helps. 

The building is 130ft tall, I've got absolutely no abseiling experience, and funnily enough (considering my skydiving escapades) I've got a pretty big fear of standing on tall things. Should prove a laugh :D

If you'd like to help out you can email me at and we'll sort it out, or just grab me when you see me next. 


(Also, that 16GB SDHC card and power adapter I mentioned in my previous post arrived today, so prepare to be timelapsed out your FACE in the coming weeks)

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  1. Good stuff man. I think that everyone has a degree of altophobia, just some people have the ability to cope more effectively!