Wednesday, 23 March 2011

3's a crowd.

Happy to announce that the ever talented Finlay will be helping us out with a lot of our modelling on the film, which is great! We're currently working on making a pre-vis animatic for the end of this semester, and finalising the style and design.

Here's a quick model of the Lab we're working on at the moment, there's no texturing in it and not all models are finalised... we're just having fun with the layout. Only the top half is populated at the moment, the bottom is going to have some sort of shape to it, and include a spiral staircase to the surface. I think the plan is to put a bit more character and style into the shape of the environment, think Monkey Island.

In other news, after taking on board the feedback, I made a second Time Machine design for your consideration... at first I preferred the hulking big one, but the new sleek one is growing on me. What do you think?


  1. After seeing the room layout it would maybe make more sense to go with the bigger one. I dunno, both of them are really good!

  2. My gut instinct says bigger. Inventions tend to start of large and rough, then get developed smaller as time goes on. So unless this is iMachine 4th generation, it'd probably be massive.

  3. I agree with Tom, it does actually make sense for it to be bigger, like the texture of the sleek one though. Room layout looks great also :D