Monday, 14 March 2011

Go Go Gadget Time Machine!

Mini progress update. 

Here's the first design for the time machine... we liked the idea of having it as an archway to make it a bit more original, as opposed to your typical chair/chamber setup. I'd really appreciate some feedback on the design actually, I want to do a couple more but I'm not sure what to change. 

This is another quick concept piece too, we started looking at a lot of more simplistic styles such as Samurai Jack and similar cartoon network animations. We loved the shapes and textures in those, but we're not sure how well it'll translate into 3D. 

A great animation we found that really got us going towards the simpler side of things is The Saga Of Biorn, a hilarious 3D character animation piece. Check it out! It's got a great simplistic look to it, we love the textures in the sky!

The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

We've finished the first draft of our storyboards, and we're going to pass them onto the ever talented Lynsey Schaschke who'll take our mindless, scrawled doodles and re-draw them to make them pretty :D

So yeah... PEACE!


  1. I'm liking the time machine design, definitely good to come up with somethin a bit different to the norm. You could maybe play around with different textures, more metallic or bronze or somethin, i dunno its good to try everythin even its just ruling out what wouldnt work... silhouette looks good though, you could add some more angles, gadgets that kinda thing for a more interestin shape but it depends what you're goin for.

    Really like the style of the Biorn film, think somethin like that would be awesome!

  2. The time machine looks awesome, kinda reminds me of The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello with the silhouette

  3. I think I need to read your synopsis again! I understood it initially but am confused with all the concept drawing you have...a lot of dead space...Ill give you a shot of the "Time Machine" remake with Guy Pierce..the remake seems more down the road your going (Time machine-wise).

  4. It'd be pretty cool if you made it thinner for one idea cos it'd be more reminiscent to that of a grandfather clock :) I really like the colours, it'd look good surrounded by greens and browns in the room! :D

  5. Well, it looks excellent. Let me know if you need any help at any point in the studio.

  6. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. Claire, aye I've seen that animation before! It's awesome, we were originally going to go for a completely silhouetted animation but grew away from it as we developed the idea. I'm glad you made the connection though :D

    I done a shinier, sleeker design today after taking some of the suggestions on board, I'll fire it up when I have some more content and hopefully you guys can help us pick one. Cheers!