Tuesday, 26 April 2011

D'Ark Compositing Breakdown & Updates


As some of you know, I'm doing a lot of compositing on D'Ark at the moment, this was the first test composite to finalise the look that Jamie was after. I decided to make a breakdown of it tonight to share with you guys.

I went for a different approach with this breakdown from the previous Lava one, by having the passes unmask on top of each other... you can tell me whether it's successful or not :)

As for the numbers, this one was originally at 1080p with about 25 layers, but I had to reduce the size and pre compose a lot of the elements to try and reduce the render time and stop my laptop from biting my face off. 

Finally, I highly recommend watching it in full HD on youtube here, but for those of you too lazy I've embedded it below. 

In other news, WE'RE ALMOST FINISHED 3RD YEAR. Huzzah! Soon there'll be cider, BBQs and sunshine aplenty and I can't wait.

Our final hand ins are tomorrow and we're all pretty well prepared for a change. We also got out sexy production bible printed out, I'll upload a digital copy in due course.

Here's to 4th year :D


  1. Makes a huge difference man good job! :)

  2. Do you have a slower version where we can see all the individual passes? It'd be cool to see them all one at a time instead of altogether. Also you should get Vimeo if you haven't already :D Looking doss though! Mike is so right, makes a huge difference! x

  3. Cheers Linoleum :D. I'll be doing a lot more breakdowns for all the scenes I done for the guys so I'll take your advice on board, I was just wanting to test out different ways of layering up the passes but I reckon it is too quick. I might have them swipe on completely individually instead of multiple ones at the same time, it's quite busy.

    I've got a vimeo, but is it just me or does it seriously mess with colours? :S