Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Pre Production on our films is coming along pretty well, I'm just starting to compile all of our current work into a production bible. I made the cover today, and we think we've decided on a title. What do you guys think?

I'll post a big update with some tests and goodies another time, we're pretty swamped with all the 4th year work, our work, dissertations... not to mention the fact we're waaaayyy behind on our Worms quota. So stay tuned.

Click for full size HQ


  1. That's good
    I'd go ahead with that title mate
    Interested to see how this develops

  2. Love it :D haha this looks epic

  3. To be completely honest, im not sure about the name...its your film and this is only my opinion but I think its a little cliché...sounds like your trying to advertise a comedy when its supposed to be quite serious...I would say go a little darker. Its up to you, thought it might make it more interesting, your name is the forefront for your film so make it memorable. P.S. have you seen much Quantum Leap?

  4. Mike, thanks for the feedback man. I see what you're saying, but you should know we're trying to go for a more light hearted approach to the idea now. We want people to be able to laugh a little, mainly through the character animation. The guy is a genius but he doesn't know it... it's tragic, which makes it funny. If it gets too serious people won't really be able to connect with it or enjoy it as much. I wouldn't call it a comedy, but it's not dark.

    You make a good point about it being cliché though, if anybody has any suggestions we're entirely open. We could very well change it at the end of production, but this is our working title for the moment at least.

    I've not seen any Quantum Leap, but I just googled it and I'm definitely gonna check it out :D

    Cheers again man.

  5. Hey man,

    no worries...yeh Quantum Leap would be good to check out, might inspire a few ideas. :)

    I understand your films in the early stages and look forward to seeing how it develops..Didnt realise it was a light hearted piece, just going with what the concept work gave me. Theres some nice things going on! :)

  6. Dude you are really talented!! :D